The magic of tea

Many people know the drink tea! Cold or warm, you can choose. Either ways it is the best drink of the word. Why? It is good if you catched a cold, your throat hurts or your belly. You want to get rid of headaches or period cramps? Go for a green or camomile tea! You want to have a healthy alternative to coffee? Take black tea.

But be careful do not take cheap teas! Artificial flavors may taste good in the beginning but:

  1. you can’t let them brew to long
  2. it is not as healthy as natural flavors
  3. they may have not the same effect as dried leafs have!

Where does tea come from? Mostly India or China, traditionally harvested by hand. Take care where you buy your tea, in some cases it could happen that the tea is harvested by child workers! Look for fair-trade or special trademarks. Usually you do not make mistakes by buying organic.

Here are some of my favorites:

Check those sites out, they make awesome organic teas!



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